QSR or FSR Franchise – How to Decide?

How to decide between franchising a Quick Service Restaurant or Full-Service Restaurant

There are a lot of things to consider before making the move to becoming a franchisee and if you’re looking to invest in an opportunity, how do you know what franchise model is the right fit? When it comes to restaurants there are two types; Quick Service Restaurants also known as QSR and Full-Service Restaurants also known as FSR. Both models offer different benefits to the franchisee, depending on the type of restaurant you’d like to own.

Our Recipe Franchising team can help you decide what model works best for your business goals. Read on as we breakdown the two franchise models and help you decide what best suits you and your business.

What is a Quick Service Restaurant?

QSR or Quick Service Restaurants are commonly known as fast-food restaurants where service is speedier and aimed to provide the guest with a faster paced meal. Think New York Fries, The Burger’s Priest and Harvey’s.

Here are some more reasons a QSR might be the right business model for you:

  • Fast delivery of the product
  • Huge market size
  • Least investment
  • Easy to market and replicate
  • Easy to maintain design and furniture
  • Smaller hiring needs since there isn’t table service No need to hire for table service

Here are some more reasons a QSR might be the right business model for you:

  • Fast food at a lower price point and less time commitment
  • Limited menu, fixed food to order
  • Some seating provided with functional ambiance and design
  • Take-out and delivery options
  • Meals are paid for before eaten and can be taken away if desired

What is a Full-Service Restaurant?

A Full-Service Restaurant or FSR are your restaurants that offer dine-in service where guests are taken care of for their full dining experience. Think Kelseys, Montana’s, State & Main. FSRs offer more atmosphere and ambiance and a chance to provide a guest with an overall great experience.

Is an FSR the right franchise model for you?

  • Larger target market as more consumers look to dine-out
  • Larger guest count and bill size per table
  • More dynamic menu options and quality created by Chefs and their kitchen team
  • Aesthetically pleasing restaurant that provides a complete guest experience

What a FSR Can Offer to Guests:

  • Seated by a host and provided a full dining experience from start to finish
  • Longer menus with more variety for both food and drink
  • An elevated dining experience with ambiance
  • Loyalty programs for frequent visitors
  • Live music and events

Current Opportunities

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