7 Facts About Harvey's You Might Not Have Known


We all know Harvey’s is famous for its flame-grilled burgers made just the way you like them, but there might be a few facts you didn’t know about the beloved burger spot. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. We have 11 sauces and 14 toppings for you to top your burger with. That’s a lot of combinations – 67 million to be exact (a mathematician told us).

  2. Daily Hive crowned our poutine as the best in Canada, with the perfect balance of thick fries, dense gravy and cheese curds with ultimate cheese-pull status 👑

  3. We were founded in 1959 and opened 8 years before the first McDonald’s in Canada.

  4. We were going to be called Humphrey’s… but we decided Harvey’s was better. Harvey’s founder Richard Mauran was reading the Toronto Telegram in 1959 when he found a dealership that was closing down on Danforth Ave in Toronto, with the sign up for grabs. This dealership was called "Harvey's". Mauran picked up the sign and installed it on the outside of his restaurant.

  5. Instead of plastic toys in kids meals, we’ve introduced the Grow a Plant activity pots! It’s interactive while eliminating the use of harmful plastics.

  6. We love Canada, so we make sure our ingredients are locally-sourced from across the country. Our meat? 100% Canadian Angus beef. Potatoes? 100% Canadian. Our dairy? You know the answer.

  7. We have a whole day just for us. March 31st is National Frings Day, because what’s better than Frings?

  8. Stay tuned for more fun facts about our other brands!